All Minds Neurofeedback | Treatment Specialties
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Treatment Specialties

Holographic Memory Resolution®

HMR is a technique which I use with clients who have unexplained emotional and/or physical symptoms. It is similar in nature to Guided Imagery and Hypnosis, whereby you as the client relax while I guide you through your memories. Using this method, painful past memories are not relived, but resolved. Over time, most physical symptoms are alleviated or eliminated.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is helpful for anyone who wants to explore their life situations. It works by allowing the mind to process information in new ways and to discover and create new possibilities. Creative expression uses a different part of the brain to access and process information than traditional ‘talk’ therapy uses. Thoughts become visible, tangible and accessible through the creative process of art therapy. Quicker results are often experienced through the art therapy process. No artistic abilities are needed, only the willingness to explore. I use art therapy with clients who are interested in learning about different ways to express themselves.

Meditation Training

Meditation is very beneficial in the emotional healing process. Just as your body needs to “power down” at night to heal and wake up refreshed, your brain needs the same self care. Just like our bodies, we need to give our thought processes a break from time to time. The brain is always active in some way. Even when sleeping we have an awareness of our surroundings. Our thoughts are busy with dreams as well, even if we don’t remember them. Meditation is a passive activity we can learn in order to calm the anxiety and create a feeling of well being.

Parent Education

I offer individual counseling and education for parents. My methods are based on the S.T.E.P. program, Systematic Training for Effective Parenting. This program was developed using the parenting methods developed by Rudolf Dreikurs, MD. The S.T.E.P. program has helped thousands of parents cope with the often overwhelming job of parenting. It is a sensible, easy to understand program that can bring peace and joy back to being a parent.