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“I did one session of ART for skin picking tendencies and anxiety and was surprised to feel the effects immediately. I tried neurofeedback specifically for my anxiety and, while the process is a little slower, (5 sessions) I’m surprised to still be seeing results after weeks have passed. I’m calmer overall and my anxiety levels are the lowest they’ve ever been. Rebecca’s insight and guidance through the exercises makes all the difference. “

“My teenage daughter has struggled with extreme anxiety and depression for several years. She’s worked so hard to overcome it on her own, with exercise, sunshine /vit D, healthy eating, magnesium, doing things for others, medication …everything, with limited success. Dr Ryser was recommended to me by a prestigious leader in the field (He was too far away). I wasn’t sure what to expect, but willing to try anything. She noticed an incredible difference after the first session of neuro feedback with Dr Ryser, who is a kind, calming soul. It took more than one session, of course, but I’m just AMAZED at how good she’s feeling, in a relatively short period of time. The look on her face has completely changed. She’s my happy, confident, girl again. I highly recommend Dr. Ryser.”

“Before neurofeedback, I was in a constant state of fight or flight- even though I didn’t show it. I know that, because I had a heightened awareness that I did not trust people, from some traumatic experiences I had earlier. The process of neurofeedback was a journey. It was like an unfolding of parts of my brain that had wrapped themselves in knots and the knots were being untied. They became loose and easier to use. ART helped me get rid of some negative feelings and emotions, from past traumatic instances in my life. Life is different now. I am more ready to move on to a new chapter in my life. (I’ve had a full college class load for 3 semesters, for the first time in my life.) I kind of feel like a new person. I feel as though my mind is free to pursue the passions and goals I want, to achieve more in life.

My thoughts on Neurofeedback: “I had been experiencing depression symptoms off and on for the past seven years and was looking for a non-medicinal approach to help myself. I found Neurofeedback and Dr. Ryser. After the first couple of weeks I noticed a subtle but powerful shift in how I was feeling. I began to feel calmer, more present, and had an overall sense of well being. It even helped with some PMS symptoms! Dr. Ryser is great at what she does and the process is simple — being hooked up to a neurofeedback computer, and relaxing during a movie.

I have been seeing Dr. Ryser for neurofeedback ​intermittently ​since June of 2014. The results are very long lasting however there have been times when I did not go for months and then would start back up again and go back for more sessions as new issues would arise.

I have done many different forms of neuro with her that include the awake state where I would watch a video and get feedback for my brain. This is very relaxing and leaves me feeling calm and serine. I have also done Alpha-Theta and Synchrony which are both similar to a meditation for me. I have recently been doing the Alpha-Stim which I find helps a great deal with my depressed mood. During one of our sessions I did EDMR which was tremendously helpful.

Dr. Ryser is so incredibly personable and compassionate. She is a joy to talk to and is a very good listener with extremely helpful feedback. I have developed a trust in her that is unparalleled and I feel that she has a deep understanding of my needs yet encourages me to make my own decisions about my treatment. She gently guides and supports while instilling a sense of autonomy. I always look forward to my session and leave feeling better than when I arrived.

How grateful I am that I found Dr. Rebecca Ryser at All Minds Neurofeedback! She went the extra mile with me, doing research into my problem and giving me additional resources to help me. She listens well, thinks outside the box when needed, and is very caring and compassionate. I was able to get off of all of my medication and I function and sleep better than ever

When my daughter first came to Dr. Ryser she didn’t know her letters or numbers. She was one of the lowest levels in all of her kindergarten class. She also had a hard time concentrating and holding still. Now not only does she know her letters and numbers, she is starting to read. She is now at grade level and her teachers are so impressed with her progress. As if that weren’t enough, she is also able to control her emotions better and hold still at school and restaurants.

My son has been doing so much better. I think the neurofeedback helped a lot. We occasionally have a tantrum, but it is going so much better. The website and papers you gave me have helped too. Thanks for everything!

I feel like my brain is brighter each time I do neurofeedback. It’s like a mental fog is lifting.

I wasn’t expecting it, but I experienced an increase in self-confidence since during neurofeedback. I have a greater sense of overall calm. Things don’t rattle me like they used to. It’s been a dramatic improvement for me.

All of a sudden, I know my left hand from my right, something I struggled with before neurofeedback.

I can focus better since I’ve done neurofeedback.

For over 30 years I claimed to be ‘headache prone’ to explain the daily mega-doses of Ibuprofen I needed just to function. Neurofeedback showed me otherwise. A headache is now a rare occurrence, and a small dose of Ibuprofen is needed only for occasional overworked muscles. Thank you Rebecca!

I have enjoyed my experience with neurofeedback and feel that it is a process in helping me to overcome challenges to let go of stresses and old habits of destructive self talk. I find that I am able to relax quicker and feel more positive and uplifted in the process.

With neurofeedback and my doctor’s guidance, I reduced and then eliminated my need for antidepressants!